Quick Answer: Where Do You Put Hammer Coral In A Tank?

Can you put hammer corals together?

You can put all Euphyllias (hammers, torches, frogspawns) together and they won’t sting..

How does branching hammer coral grow?

It’s heads will split and it will grow new branches. If your water chemistry is good, calcium, magnesium, alkalinity, and pH with low nitrate and phosphate then all you’ll need is this.. aquaman has the perfect supplement. I see more growth from new branches off the side, but the heads do split as they grow.

Can you put a torch next to a hammer coral?

The Hammer coral is a Euphyllia. They have a hard calcified base and soft polyps that are available in a good variety of colours. … They can be placed with other euphyllia such as other hammers or frogspawns, but they should not be placed with Torch Corals. The Torches will sting Hammers & Frogspawns.

How soon can I add corals to tank?

Coral can first be added to an aquarium when it has finished its Nitrogen Cycle, and the various algae blooms have passed. Adequate lighting, regular maintenance, frequent water changes, and stable water parameters will then help the coral grow.

Where should I place my elegance coral?

The Elegance Coral is beautiful under any lights, however, place it under actinic lights and you will see its true beauty. Elegance corals will thrive in moderate flow. However, they can survive in low or higher water flow settings as well. In general, higher flow means bringing more nutrients to the coral.