Question: What Is Another Word For Transmission?

What are synonyms for transmitted?


What does transmission mean?

1 : an act or process of transmitting, spreading, or passing along the transmission of a disease. 2 : the gears that pass power from the engine to the axle that gives motion to a motor vehicle. transmission.

What does relay mean?

Relay comes from the French relayer, which means “to change hounds on a hunt.” It still has that sense of something passed in motion. You might run a relay race — each team member carries a baton part-way, then passes it on. We relay news, as when you take a message from Sally and relay it to Harry.

What means transmit date?

Transmission Date means the date and time of transmission of Services on On-Air.

Whats is dominant?

Adjective. dominant, predominant, paramount, preponderant mean superior to all others in influence or importance. dominant applies to something that is uppermost because ruling or controlling. a dominant social class predominant applies to something that exerts, often temporarily, the most marked influence.

How much is it to replace a transmission?

How Much Does Transmission Repair and Replacement Cost? On average, replacing a vehicle transmission costs around $2,600, with average prices the replacement of a transmission ranging from about $1,800 to $3,400 in the US for 2020 according to TransmissionRepairCostGuide.

What is it called when something runs in the family?

family heirloom. family legacy. heritable. inheritable. it runs in the family.

What is an example of a transmission?

An example of transmission is when something travels over cable wires to get to its destination. An example of the transmission of a virus is when a person spreads a cold virus by sneezing on someone else.

What is the opposite of transmission?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for transmission. censorship, suppression.

What are two synonyms for transmit?


What word means to be passed on from one generation to the next?

heredityFirst used in the 1530s, the noun heredity comes from the Latin word hereditatem, meaning “condition of being an heir.” It can refer to inheriting characteristics from your parents, or it can refer more broadly to the passing on of genetic factors from one generation to the next.

What part of speech is the word transmit?

verb inflectionstransmitpart of speech:transitive verbinflections:transmits, transmitting, transmitted12 more rows

What are transmission systems?

In telecommunications, a transmission system is a system that transmits a signal from one place to another. The signal can be an electrical, optical or radio signal. … Also, transmission system is the medium through which data is transmitted from one point to another.

What is another word for passed down?

What is another word for passed down?hereditaryinheritedhanded-downpassed-downpassed-ontraditionaltransferredtransmittedfamiliallineal35 more rows

What is the antonym for have?

refuse, pass, forget, not have, beggar, pauper, offer, misunderstand, need, forfeit, dispossess, surrender, kill, miss, keep, reject, drop, let go, spend, abandon, disallow, avoid, dispute, lose, stop, dodge, free, deny, neglect, bankrupt, throw away, release, forsake, halt, hold, ignore, want, yield, give, lack, fail, …

What are the signs that your transmission is going out?

10 Symptoms of a Bad TransmissionLack of Response. Hesitation, or outright refusal, to shift into the proper gear is a telltale sign of transmission trouble. … Odd Sounds. … Leaking Fluid. … Grinding, Jerking, or Shaking. … Burning Smell. … Won’t Go into Gear. … Service Engine Soon. … Noisy Transmission in Neutral.More items…•

What is transmission mode?

Transmission mode means transferring of data between two devices. It is also known as communication mode. Buses and networks are designed to allow communication to occur between individual devices that are interconnected.

Is an act of transmitting messages?

Noun. 1. transmitting – the act of sending a message; causing a message to be transmitted. transmission, transmittal. sending – the act of causing something to go (especially messages)

What is the root of transmission?

The noun transmission comes from the Latin word transmissio, which means “sending over or across, passage.” The transmission of a message is the delivery of the message.

What does wreckage mean?

1 : the act of wrecking : the state of being wrecked. 2a : something that has been wrecked. b : broken and disordered parts or material from something wrecked. Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More about wreckage.