Is Sasuke A Tailed Beast?

Does Sasuke have tailed beast chakra?

Sasuke used all of that tailed beast chakra for one attack which Naruto could only match due to Kurama’s senjutsu gathering via the clone method.

Sasuke has NEVER been physical strength.

He is not the body; he is the eyes..

Does Sasuke become a jinchuuriki?

There is no monster inside of Sasuke, nor a tailed beast like the jinchuuriki. The transformation is caused by activating the second level of the curse mark. When Sasuke activated the second level of the seal, his skin turned dark-grey and his hair grew and turned dark blue.

What if Sasuke had a Tailed Beast?

Sasuke would likely have all the power and abilities of a jinchuriki, plus his own, enhanced by the curse mark and Kurama’s chakra, and probably even invent some new jutsu. … Normally when a Jinchuriki dies the tailed beast is released into the wild, like with hidden mist Jinchuriki.

Does Sasuke kill the tailed beasts?

The nine tailed beasts being freed from the Ten-Tails. In one of Kaguya’s dimensions, Naruto and Sasuke Uchiha seal Kaguya away and the tailed beasts are extracted from her body, ending the war.